Leading the world to safe autonomous flight

Our vision

We’re creating autonomous flight guidance systems for the next generation of air mobility. Through autonomy operations become safer, profitable and scalable.

Our products are intelligent, agile and scaleable

Safer flight through risk aware flight planning; reduce risk exposure 40-95% before taking off.

Safer flight through increased pilot situational awareness; extend the awareness horizon from 1nm to 10nm.

Safe autonomous flight; using any sensor, to handle any scenario, on any platform for any customer.

Our technology

Deterministic Agile Risk Intelligence

Our certifiable and patent protected core technology: DARI allows an unequalled level of risk visibility for the next generation of manned and unmanned aircraft.

We are backed and trusted by investors and industry leaders to shape the future of autonomous flight

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Dr David Cleaver
Dr David Cleaver
bullet-pointAssociate Professor in Aerospace Engineering
bullet-pointMore than 10 years experience managing research projects
bullet-pointMore than £2.2M of R&D with £1.1M lead
Dr Jon du Bois
Dr Jon du Bois
bullet-pointAssociate Professor in Dynamics and Control
bullet-pointDiverse sectors: aerospace to medical
bullet-pointMore than £1.5M of R&D with £1M lead
Dr Pejman Iravani
Dr Pejman Iravani
bullet-pointAssociate Professor in Robotics & Autonomy
bullet-pointMore than 15 years R&D experience covering land and air
bullet-pointMore than £2M of R&D with £0.8M lead
Capt Anthony Lawrenson, PhD
Capt Anthony Lawrenson, PhD
bullet-pointExperienced pilot (RAF & commercial)
bullet-pointHuman factors, command and leadership trainer
bullet-pointPhD in organizational culture and corporate liability

Our team

Henri French
Henri French
Embedded Software
Oscar Miles
Oscar Miles
Data Analyst
Freddie Sherratt
Freddie Sherratt
Systems Integrator
Dr Sean F. Cleator
Dr Sean F. Cleator
Autonomy Perception
Samie Baig
Samie Baig
Simulation Environment
Helio Silva
Helio Silva
Avionics Integration
Si Parker
Si Parker
Data Engineer
Volant Autonomy, 16-17 Old Bond Street, Bath, BA1 1BP
Company Number: 11470702
VAT Number: GB 365 0349 01
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Callen-Lenz is flight demonstrating the DARI technology on their 30kg Fregata platform

Claytex is a partner on SEER, developing high fidelity synthetic environments for demonstrating Via, Traject and DARI

Creator Fund, a specialist University spinout venture fund, are backing Volant

DARI won the 2019 ERL SciRoc Prize for indoor autonomous flight, delivering emergency aid

UK Department for Transport funded us to build smart drones

GKN is a partner on SafeFlight, developing and demonstrating the DARI technology

Innovate UK funded two Future Flight phase 2 projects to develop and demonstrate Volant technology

Nova Systems have flown Traject on their Gazelle and H135 Helicopters

DARI won the 2019 SESAR Special Prize for outdoor autonomous flight, avoiding static and moving hazards

7Percent ventures, a DeepTech specialist venture fund, are backing Volant

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